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Monday, November 19, 2012

VB Script - Introduction

Microsoft’s VBScript (Visual Basic Script) is a scripting language used to create dynamic and interactive web pages. VBScript is a subset of Visual Basic, a more developed scripting language, and is commonly used on the Web as a client side scripting la
VBScript, like JavaScript (Jscript) is an ActiveX-enabled scripting language that connects to scripting hosts such as Internet Explorer and performs functions locally using the Windows Script Host (WSH). As a general rule, scripting languages are coded faster and simpler than in the compiled languages of C and C++. VBScript is structured and used with smaller programs with limited capability. Programmers, developers and IT professionals learning VBScript should also be familiar with ASP (Active Server Pages) and possess SQL Server commercial experience. Tutorials on VBScript include controlling script routines, working with objects, variables, forms and general VBScript information.

VB Script - Introduction

Vb Script tutorials will be covered in the following topics which are given below :

• What is VB Script ?
• Working with Variables?
• Objects and VB Script ?
• Controlling VB Script Routines ?
• Using VB Script with Forms?

In this tutorial you will learn about VB Script - What is VB Script ? Introduction, Description, How to Add VB script to web pages ? The Script Tag, How to handle Non Supporting Browsers and Conclusion

What is VB Script ?

Introduction :

VB Script is a scripting language developed by Microsoft. With the help of this scripting language you can make your web pages more dynamic and interactive.
VB Script is a light version of Visual basic and it has an easy syntax.

Description :

VB Script is widely used and most popular as a client side scripting language. In html language you use < and > around the tags. But you can use many tags inside one pair of < % and % >. For Printing a variable you can use < % = % >.
nguage and server-side processing in ASPs (Active Server Pages). The interpreted script language VBScript is designed for Web Browser interpretation. VBScript is similar to scripting languages, including; Netscape’s JavaScript, Sun Microsystem’s Tcl, IBM’s Rexx and the UNIX-derived Perl. These scripting languages have been designed to be used as an extension for html language. A Web Browser receives the scripts for websites through web page documents that are then parsed and processed.

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